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12 Mar 2022

The Continuous Professional Committee (CPD) at Jordan Pharmacists Association (JPA) granted 10 Training Courses designed and will be delivered by Stereoscopic Vision for Training and Marketing Consultancy (SSV)

Seven-star pharmacist -WHO's concept
09 Mar 2022
Are you a Fresh / Expected Pharmacy Graduate looking for Experience/Entry?

Certified Medical Representative
18 Aug 2021
A co-operation agreement was signed today between the Faculty of Pharmacy at the of Applied Sciences Private University and Stereoscopic Vision for training and Marketing Consultancy (SSV)

International Selling Skills - Al Wafi Group
03 Oct 2021
The great team of Al Wafi Group successfully complected the International Selling Skills training, which is specially designed to accommodate and meet their demands.

Organizational Behavior Program
26 Jan 2019


  • To focus on increasing the effectiveness of organizations and thus, of their members.
  • To understand why people and groups in organizations feel and behave as they do.
  • To identify principles that can improve the behavior and attitudes of organizational members.
  • To develop and enhance your skills as an organizational member and a manager.

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