Seven-star pharmacist -WHO's concept


  • Are you a Fresh / Expected Pharmacy Graduate looking for Experience/Entry? Don’t wait! First time in Jordan and the region,

 Stereoscopic Vision launches online 3-day, 15-hour course on WHO’s concept of seven-star pharmacist. 

The seven-star pharmacist is:

  • Care-giver   
  • Decision-maker
  • Communicator
  • Manager
  • Life-long-learner
  • Teacher
  • Leader

This course is all about how to be an integral part of the healthcare system and practice pharmacy profession in a highly professional manner to fulfill the requirments of WHO to emerge as Seven-star pharmacists.

Implicit in these roles is that of health promoter. The pharmacist’s continuing relationship with the client, the community-based practice, and multiple entry points for counselling make the pharmacist a leader in health care.

 The Seven-Star Pharmacist Course is your ticket to landing your dream job in Pharmacy World!

 Language:  Both English and Arabic languages will be used,

Course Directors:

                                                                      Dr. Hussam Akhu Zahieh, Ph.D

                                                                      Dr. Jamil Dababneh, R.Ph,MBA